Brian Hamilton Leads 19 Deals for National Doctor-Owned Management Services Organization

Brian Hamilton, Chief Development Officer at Allied OMS, recently spoke with MiBiz about Allied OMS’ tremendous growth in 2022.

Hamilton secured partnerships with 19 oral and maxillofacial surgical practices, from Oregon to New York and “anywhere and everywhere in between.”

Allied OMS enlists practices and supports their business operations, handling functions such as procurement and contracts with insurers. The firm offers OMS practices a Doctor Equity™ model that is an alternative to selling to traditional private equity or a health system in that they keep majority ownership and retain clinical and cultural autonomy. Doctors that partner with Allied OMS share a portion of the profits when the firm sells after growing and improving profitability.

“If all of our practices have grown their EBITDA, they’re going to get more value for their practice when Allied OMS sells.”

Practices already aligned with Allied OMS have grown their profitability 20% in the last year, Hamilton said.

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