About us

Our story starts and ends with doctors.

Four oral and maxillofacial surgeons wanted to partner with like-minded doctors but didn’t like any of the options presented to them. Two sons of doctors wanted to create a doctor-friendly organization for independent practitioners that, like their patients, are struggling to navigate the ever-changing waters of healthcare. When the six of them came together, they created Allied OMS – a brand new concept that puts doctors first.
There are many private equity-backed groups that offer traditional consolidation models; doctors benefit from management services that can help optimize their practices alongside the network and negotiating power that comes with being a part of a large organization.
But those groups aren’t owned, led, or governed by doctors.
Allied OMS’s unique, doctor-centric management structure attracts the nation’s most highly regarded surgeons and their practices.
The Allied OMS Doctor Equity™ model ensures that highly skilled doctors remain at the core of the clinical management and governance of the platform while leveraging the significant years of experience and healthcare-specific private equity expertise of the Allied OMS executive leadership team.
Allied OMS has the only doctor-majority board of directors of any other MSO – seventy-five percent of the Allied OMS board directors are doctor-owners and 100% of the management committees are led by network doctors.
Allied OMS’s combination of business management and medical specialty expertise underpins Allied OMS’s proprietary Power Through Partnership™ System.
Allied OMS’s core values are to create BETTER:
  • Alignment of interest among doctors, patients, staff, and investors
  • Economic returns for our doctor partners
  • Transparency into the MSO business model and the world of private equity
We have witnessed firsthand a persistent trend toward consolidation in healthcare. Solo practitioners, group practices, and dental service organizations (DSOs) have been partnering with private equity, fundamentally changing the practice of oral surgery. We sought to couple the clinical knowledge and decision making of respected oral surgeons with the business acumen of private equity veterans to create a new entity that puts doctors at the helm.
Dr. Greg Scheideman

Board of directors

The only way to have a doctor-centric organization is to have a doctor-centric board. Allied’s Board of Directors is doctor-led with a doctor majority – which means doctors’ best interests will always come first.