About us

Our story starts and ends with doctors.

Four oral and maxillofacial surgeons wanted to partner with like-minded doctors but didn’t like any of the options presented to them. Two sons of doctors wanted to create a doctor-friendly organization for independent practitioners that, like their patients, are struggling to navigate the ever-changing waters of healthcare. When the six of them got together, they created Allied OMS – a brand new concept that puts doctors first.
There are many private equity-backed groups that offer traditional consolidation models; doctors benefit from management services that can help optimize their practice alongside the network and negotiating power that come with being a part of a large organization. In exchange, the doctors sell 70% of their practice value and reinvest 30% in themselves to grow.
This model is great for some doctors – but what about those who would prefer to invest in themselves? Or are growing faster than the average?
Allied OMS was created with these doctors in mind. With Allied OMS, doctors forgo the early payout; instead, they merge and become owners in Allied.
Ownership offers many of the same benefits as the larger management services organizations, such as a network with which to share best practices, better contracts, reduced operational costs, streamlined business services, revenue growth, and higher earnings at exit – without giving up clinical control or selling too early.
Together, we grow EBITDA and then will collectively sell when the time is right, to a buyer chosen by our doctor-members. In the end, Allied OMS doctors will get PE-style returns, which is frequently 2-3x more than any other opportunity.
We have witnessed firsthand a persistent trend toward consolidation in healthcare. Solo practitioners, group practices, and dental service organizations (DSOs) have been partnering with private equity, fundamentally changing the practice of oral surgery. We sought to couple the clinical knowledge and decision making of respected oral surgeons with the business acumen of private equity veterans to create a new entity that puts doctors at the helm.
Dr. Greg Scheideman

Board of directors

The only way to have a doctor-centric organization is to have a doctor-centric board. Allied’s Board of Directors is doctor-led with a doctor majority – which means doctors’ best interests will always come first.