Allied OMS Chief Development Officer Brian Hamilton on the top challenges OMS practices are staring down in 2024

Doctors Face Two-Pronged Challenge in 2024

Brian Hamilton, Allied OMS’s Chief Development Officer, recently spoke with Becker’s Dental + DSO Review about the challenges that OMS practices are facing in 2024.

In the article, he notes that there are two challenges that are interrelated: succession planning and recruitment.

With the dental profession witnessing a significant number of practitioners reaching retirement age, succession planning has become critical to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of quality patient care. Many dental practices do not have a well-defined succession plan in place, leading to uncertainties and potential disruptions in the practice.

At the same time, recruiting associates can be challenging, with many options in front of them. Newer surgeons often have different expectations regarding work-life balance, technology usage, and workplace culture. Further, economic factors, including student loan debts for new associates and financial constraints for existing practices, can impact recruitment efforts.

Differentiating your practice, maintaining a great culture, and offering competitive compensation packages will go lengths in attracting and retaining talent.

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