How to Pick the Right Partner for Your Next Stage of Growth

Over the past two decades, DSOs in OMS have become increasingly popular, offering welcome support to doctors in managing their administrative and day-to-day business responsibilities.

Private equity firms have fueled this growth, with more than 100 private equity-backed DSOs currently operating in the specialty. For surgeons in high-growth markets across the U.S., it may seem like a PE-backed DSO comes knocking with a proposal to buy your practice every other day.

So how do you discern the run-of-the-mill from a truly profitable and equitable PE partnership?

We created Allied OMS to help you, the surgeon, understand and navigate the private equity-backed DSO landscape when investors come calling, including understanding important financial terms, metrics, timelines, and all of the ways a partnership might impact how you run your practice.

Download our eBook The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon’s Guide to Private Equity to learn more about Allied OMS’ distinctive approach to partnering with independent OMS practices, to prepare them for a more equitable and financially rewarding outcome. We’re not your typical DSO.