Allied OMS Words to Live By

In today’s competitive OMS landscape, picking a partner you can trust with the next phase of growth and success for your practice couldn’t be more important. It’s a decision we think should be based on shared values – like Integrity, Grace, Service, and Care.

We don’t settle for anything less in the partners we choose, and we believe you shouldn’t either.

At Allied OMS, these are more than just the words we use to describe our approach to partnership. They are the founding principles we live by every day in our work with our doctors, their teams, and their patients. They are the cornerstone of our unique Doctor Equity™ model and our doctor-led governance model, including the industry’s only doctor-majority board of directors.

Taken together, Allied’s Words to Live By tells the story of our distinctive approach to partnership. Hear Allied OMS doctors and members of the board discuss what these words mean to them, and the difference it made in their decision to join the Allied family.

We’re kicking it off with Dan Hosler on Integrity, and we’ll feature a new word each month throughout 2024.

Integrity; Dan Hosler, CEO of Allied OMS

“As I think about words that we live by in serving our doctor partners, the first that comes to mind is integrity. While it goes by many definitions, to me, integrity means acting our values, truthfully, even when no one is looking. Our core tenets – alignment of interests amongst all our stakeholders, transparency into the private equity and MSO business models, and better economics for our doctor partners – all guide our approach to partnership, and integrity means always marrying our intentions and actions with those values.”