Allied OMS Announces the Promotion of Brian Hamilton to Chief Development Officer

Allied OMS is on track to more than triple in size in 2022 thanks to Hamilton’s leadership and thoughtful team development

SOUTHLAKE, TX / November 14, 2022 / Allied OMS– a doctor-owned-and-led management services organization in the oral and maxillofacial surgery space – is pleased to announce the immediate promotion of Brian Hamilton to Chief Development Officer. Brian joined Allied OMS in early 2021 and has been pivotal in rapidly scaling the team and cultivating the growth-mindset culture. Since joining, Brian has facilitated 20 new doctor partnerships and has been instrumental in establishing the culture of Allied OMS as it rapidly scales to provide doctor partners with the full suite of services provided by management services organizations.

“I first had the privilege of working with Brian in 2017 as we built one of the largest partnerships for ophthalmologists throughout the Midwest. We brought Brian on board at Allied OMS in early 2021. Brian is a born leader, and his humble style builds immediate trust with our doctor partners. I cannot think of a more well-earned promotion,” stated Dan Hosler, CEO and co-founder of Allied OMS.


Brian Hamilton has been appointed Chief Development Officer at Allied OMS, an MSO/DSO flipping the traditional model on its head with its new Doctor Equity™ offering.

Allied OMS shares the insights of private equity with its doctor members, setting them up for financial and operational support to maximize the value of their practice today, and to position themselves, and all Allied OMS doctor partners, for success in the future. Doctor partners maintain control of all clinical decision-making and become owners in Allied OMS. To effectively do this requires deep experience in working with doctors, the knowledge of how to improve a practice financially and operationally, and the ability to communicate and share this knowledge with the doctors who become partners in the larger entity.

“It has been incredible to watch Brian grow personally and professionally since joining Allied OMS in 2021. As doctors, it is rare to get this raw transparency into the world of private equity. Brian creates an environment where we can learn how to put private equity to work for us,” commented Jonathon Jundt, DDS, MD, FACS, one of the doctor co-founders of Allied OMS.

Allied OMS is rapidly hiring to scale its best-in-class management services organization to further provide the knowledge of private equity and operational improvement for practices while maintaining complete clinical autonomy for its doctor partners.

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About Allied OMS

Allied OMS is a doctor-owned, doctor-led management services organization in the oral and maxillofacial surgery space that combines the best of private practice with the best of private equity. Collectively owned and governed by doctors and veterans from private equity and management consulting, Allied OMS leverages decades of experience building and exiting platform businesses in the healthcare industry to employ the tools that maximize practice value. Composed of best-in-class OMS practices that are in the top tier of clinical outcomes, Allied OMS is proud to turn Private Equity into Doctor Equity™. Unlock the potential in your practice and gain Power Through Partnership™; email [email protected] or visit